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Final Project – Part Two

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Thi s is a typical style of black and white video of Mickey Mouse.  Its name is Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Willie.

This is a video which is made by the fans.  The funny point of this video is the remix process of the original cartoon with the pop music.  Other fans love this creative piece very much.

Final Project – Part One

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Mickey Mouse, a well-known cartoon who was created by Walt Disney in 1928 and has become the icon for The Walt Disney Company; is very popular from the range of children to elderly.  I am also one member out of this group.  Many products are made to attract Mickey’s fans.  For example, the food in Disneyland – when my friend and I noticed the shape of ice-cream is the head of Mickey Mouse; we would like to buy because it is related to Mickey.  Therefore, I believe this is a strong selling strategy to relate some products with Mickey, in order to persuade people to buy.

Whenever people go to Disneyland and meet Mickey Mouse; they usually would like to take photos with him and even ask for his signature.  This is also one way to be fans of the cartoon.  Even though they know that there is someone imitating Mickey Mouse, they still would want to get his signature.

Snacks in Disneyland

Moreover, as shiny decorations are very popular recently, people would also add Mickey Mouse to their world by putting different crystals on their mobile phones or mp3 etc, so as to show how deeply they love Mickey.

Decoration of people’s mobile phone

On the other hand, people would not just decorate their mobile phones.  Fans also show their love and appreciation by putting on tattoo of the shape of Mickey Mouse on different parts of their bodies.  As tattoo can be erased difficultly, putting on tattoo of Mickey Mouse would show the eternity love of these fans.

Tattoo of Mickey Mouse

Besides, many girls would decorate their finger nails as well.  They would go to the shop to have nail polish in order for their beloved cartoon “Mickey Mouse” to appear on their fingers.  Therefore, girls have many ways to add their favorite character to their daily lives.

Nail Polish

With the improvement of technology, people from all over the world can communicate easily, especially for those who have common interests.  Fans can share their feelings about their beloved cartoon, for example, there is a account of Facebook for Mickey Mouse; his fans can talk about his latest news, videos, or products etc.  Moreover, it is also easy for people from different places to know the latest and popular methods to add Mickey Mouse in their daily lives.

If fans would want to search something about Mickey, they can just surf through the net and chat with international fans, in order to help one another.

On the other hand, suppliers and consumers can both take the existence of on-line buying or selling as advantages – suppliers can make use of the improvement of technology to earn more money; consumers can buy something about Mickey Mouse without going to particular places.

Mickey Mouse Facebook

Mickey’s photo
Mickey’s waffle
Mickey’s tattoo
Mickey’s tattoo 2
Mickey’s mobile decoration 1
Mickey’s mobile decoration 2
Nail Polish 1
Nail Polish 2
Mickey’s facebook

Be careful you are the ONE

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Our group would like to invent a new TV program
“Be careful you are the ONE”
which would be shown at night for 15 minutes.
Target audience would be all macau people.
The area of our shooting would be somewhere outside studio.
We will use three cameras.

The content of this program is about making fun on the different persons every chapter.
We would use different tricks to apply on the same person in different circumstances.
Moreover, at the end of the program, we would invite the public to provide their opinions or they would be the one to be tricked.

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Toy story is my favorite catoon!
I’m looking forward to the coming of Toy Story 3 =)

Key light, fill light and practical light are used in this scene.
Ratio between key light and fill light is not very obvious!

Print screen!!

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This the home page of Hong Kong Disneyland!

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

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This is a latest movie that will be shown on stage on 11 February 2010 in Hong Kong.
Although I have never watched the series before, I was still attracted by its trailer. 
In my opinion, this movie is really amazing.  I really appreciate the special effects and science fiction of this movie.

I think there will be chances for us to watch this movie in Macau, but the only thing is that “we have to be patient and wait”.

What I love..

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Hello =)
Let me introduce mysef. 
I am Vanessa, Chan Weng Hun (S-A7-1817-5),
 a year-3 student of English Communication.
I just want to share with all of you – what I like the most.
Hope you’ll know more about Vanessa.

 I love christmas.

 I love my doggie – Dede.

 I love orchid.

 I love gathering with family and friends.

 I love travelling to different places.

   I love disneyland and its characters.

 I love eating ice-cream.

A video I like very much >V<

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I want to share this relaxing song with you,
hope all of you can enjoy it.

@ Disney

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Wiv cute Characters

I have added a ginger cookie, a photo and a minnie mouse into the original photo…
I love this new photo very much
Hope all of u enjoy, too >V<

@ Disney

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Wiv Chocolate

This is the original one!!